• Christiane Harris

    Christiane Harris

  • Kat Richards

    Kat Richards

    Exploring human experience and growth, currently Associate Director, Experience Strategy @ Digitas NA.

  • Fernanda Marques

    Fernanda Marques

    Mãe, dublê de cantora e UX Design Manager na Globo.com

  • Lars Böhnke

    Lars Böhnke

    Immer hart rudern. Working @ PEY, Entrepreneur @ youvo.org, scout, Hanover, DE.

  • Sina Schreiber

    Sina Schreiber

    UX Researcher & Content Strategist @Condens | UX Research, Research Ops (https://condens.io)

  • Tulika jain

    Tulika jain

  • Rene Bastijans

    Rene Bastijans

    I help software companies grow by becoming great at creating demand for their products or services. #jtbd #product #marketing #innovation #growth #research

  • Vikram Goyal

    Vikram Goyal

    Currently PM@Airmeet — building a kick-ass product for conducting remote events and conferences.

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